Greg Jones Barrister at Law

Publications and papers produced by Greg Jones

“Proceeds of Crime: The Private Interests v The Public Purse.”
Delivered to the College of Law seminar on Problems and Solutions in the Confiscation of Assets, 23 May 1998.

“Criminal Assets Confiscation Proceedings”
Seminar delivered to the NSW Young Lawyers: Continuing Legal Education 19 June 2002.

“Proceeds of Crime: Development and History of assets forfeiture law and commentary on recent authority"
Delivered to the University of NSW, Faculty of Law Centre for Continuing Legal Education 18 November 2003.

“Coming to terms with the Procedural Complexities of Proceeds of Crime and Forfeiture.”
Delivered to the Criminal Law and Advocacy Intensive, The Professional Development Department, LexisNexis 26 May 2006.

“Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Reforms.”
Delivered to the College of Law 13 June 2006.

“Crime Commissions”
Lecture delivered to the NSW Criminal Defence Lawyers Association 113 December 2006.

“Assets Forfeiture: Proceeds of Crime, limitation periods and failure to advise”
The Law Society Journal, Issue 45, February 2007.

“Competence and Compellability of Witnesses.”
Delivered to the College of Law on the 19th of February 2007.

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